Trade Pokerstars T$

Sell T money from Pokerstars (T$) for instant cash at 99% We have the best online T$ rates available. These transactions are completely safe. Trade your tournament dollars here! Just try our services. It's fully automated!

0-100 T$:
100-200 T$
2$ transaction fee
200-... T$:

How does it work?

1. First fill out the form below.
2. Log into your account at PokerStars.
3. In the PokerStars menu, go to "Tools " --> "Transfers & Trades " --> "Sell Tournament Money ".
4. Write in the "Sell to Player ID " box the account name "OldEvil1".
5. Fill in the amount you want to sell in the " T$ Amount " box.
6. Enter the price we will pay you for your T$'s (compliant with the rates on our exchange form).
7. Submit the Pokerstars form.
8. Submit the form on this webpage to complete the transaction.
9. Enjoy your new cash! Your transaction will be completed soon.

Pokerstars ID *
Amount to Exchange *T$
Exchange rate amount $
Email Address (Optional) This allows us to contact you when there are problems completing the deal (the pokerstars nick is not correct, the numbers entered do not match, ...).
Referral ID (Optional) Enter here the Pokerstars ID of your referral. Find more info about refering here
'*'= required

Can this be trusted? Is it safe?

Yes! A transaction will only be completed when the transaction details, entered by both parties, match. Transactions can only be set up using the PokerStars software.

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