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Share our site with your poker friends. For every new user who completes a deal on our site and who entered your PokerStars nick as ‘Referral ID’, you will receive 1 dollar*!

If you want to share this site with other people you can enter your PokerStars nick in the field ‘Referral ID’ and distribute the hyperlink that will be generated. Visitors that use this hyperlink will automatically have your PokerStars nick entered in the ‘Referral ID’ field at the transaction page.

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*The following conditions need to be fulfilled:

1. The ‘Referral ID’ must have completed at least one deal in the past on our site.
2. The new user selling Pokerstars Tournament dollars (T$) has to be a ‘new’ user that hasn’t completed a deal on our site yet.
3. The minimum amount the new user needs to sell is 11 T$.

Improve our site and get 1 dollar !

We try to stimulate every suggestion/feedback you can give us to improve the site and/or attract more traffic.

These can be items to improve the sites ranking in search engines, making the site more user friendly, suggest means to advertise our site, correct a typo, ...

Or maybe you can make us a better banner for our site or a cool PokerStars-avatar with our name ( in it.

If we use your suggestion we will transfer 1 dollar to your PokerStars account!!

Submit your suggestion via the contact us section.

Previous suggestions we implemented so far:
• Make the field ‘Email address’ optional.
• Make entering the T$ amount possible with a comma or a dot.

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